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Our production facility’s level of compliance with city, state and federal regulations is unmatched in the Industry. We focus on minimizing waste, reducing chemical usage, recycling water, rainwater harvesting (Our system has a capacity of 12 hundred thousand liters), preventing pollution, using solar power, using cleaner production techniques, and complying with environmental legislations and regulations.


With a little creativity and cleaning, Farm to Aromatherapy™ packaging can be reused for other purposes. Here are some ideas to give our products a second life and reduce waste!


  • Allow your candle to burn until about a half an inch of wax is left in the bottom of the candle
  • Put water in a pot that is large enough to fit the candle jar, and then place the candle jar in the NEVER put your candle jar into the oven or microwave. This could cause the glass to break.
  • Heat the water up slowly to melt the excess As it melts, use a spoon to separate the wax from the jar. This creates a double-boiler, which will better allow you to control the heat to melt the excess wax.
  • Be careful removing the jar from the water; it will be
  • DO NOT pour the melted wax down a Pour the melted wax into a wax melt container for continued use or pour it into a container to be place in the trash. Put the left over wick in the trash as well.
  • Soak the jar in warm soupy water for 24 This will loosen the label and help get rid of extra wax residue.
  • Peel out the label and scrub the jar well with a bottle brush, cloth, or
  • Dry the jar with a cloth or allow it to air



• Make sure your essential oil bottle is empty. DO NOT pour remaining oil down drain. Put unused oil in a container to be placed in the trash.

• Soak empty essential oil bottles in warm soapy water for 24 hours to clean them and loosen the label.

• Rinse thoroughly with warm water and sit on a towel to air dry. 

• Use a cotton swab to thoroughly dry the inside of the bottle.





  • Make sure your diuuser bottle is DO NOT pour remaining oil down the drain. Put unused oil in a
    container to be placed in the trash.

  • Soak the empty bottle in warm soapy water for 24 hours to clean them and loosen the label.

  • Scrub the essential oil bottles using a small bottle brush or straw cleaning

  • Rinse thoroughly with warm water and sit on a towel to air dry.



Most of the Farm to Aromatherapy packaging is recyclable, however, guidelines for recycling change based on where you live. Be sure to check your local guidelines before recycling our packaging.

To recycle glass, it is separated into a clear, green, and brown glass. Farm to Aromatherapy glass products would be recycled in the brown category. However, in some places glass recycling isn’t available, so the reuse of glass is recommended.

The clear flexible plastic we use to in case the reed diffuser bottle and the wax melt clamshell is Plastic #1 and it is a highly recyclable plastic resin. Plastic #1 is accepted with most curbside recycling programs.

The caps to our essential oil bottles are Plastic #5. This type of plastic is often left out of curbside recycling programs. Be sure to check with your local recycling program because Plastic #5 is growing in popularity as a recyclable plastic.

Any shrink wrap you find on our products, such as on the neck of the reed diffuser bottle is Plastic #4. To recycle this type of plastic check with your local grocery store. They might accept this plastic along with plastic shopping bags.

Our essential oil boxes, incense boxes, and the paperboard insert for the reed diffuser are all recyclable and are generally accepted in curbside programs. Please make sure to remove the plastic from the incense boxes and the essential oil boxes before placing these in the paperboard recycling.