Turn Essential Oil Bottles into a Propagation Station

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Humans aren’t the only ones that enjoy the summer sun; house plants notice the extra light pouring through the windows as well and start growing. That is why summer is the perfect time to start your very own propagation station using empty Farm to Aromatherapy essential oil bottles and a sunny window sill.

First, Research Your Plant…

Some plants don’t propagate by taking a cutting and putting it in water, so research the plants that you own. Some plants that do root in water are mint, ivy, tradescantia zebrina, pothos, and philodendron silver. You can also use the essential oil bottles to root spiderettes from your spider plant. Once you know your plant is good to go, move on to step two.

Second, Clean Your Essential Oil Bottles Well…

We cover how to clean your essential oil bottles in our Product Sustainability blog post. We give you a step by step guide from washing thoroughly to drying thoroughly, so head over there and check it out.

Next, Take Your Plant Cutting or Spiderette…

This was probably covered in your research, but there are a few simple rules to follow when taking a plant cutting. First, make sure the part of the plant your cutting is healthy; a cutting with yellowing or dry leaves likely will not propagate well. Also, make sure you cut just below a node, which looks like a little bump on the stem and is from where the new roots will grow.

For taking a spiderette, simply pinch it off the stem. You’ll know which ones are spiderettes (they’re so cute!), they look like a tiny version of the larger plant that are on a long stem growing from the parent plant.

Then, Put It in the Essential Oil Bottle…

Fill your essential oil bottle up with room temperature water; you don’t want to shock the plant cutting or spiderette with water that is too hot or too cold. After the water is the correct temperature, put you plant cutting in the bottle. Farm to Aromatherapy essential oil bottles are great for propagating plants, because the shape of the bottle opening allows for the leaves to stay out of the water and the darker color of the bottle helps promote root growth in the water.

It may take a while for roots to grow, so be patient. Once the roots are big enough to reach the bottom of the essential oil bottle, transfer the plant to a small pot with soil.

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