Simple, Spooky Potion Bottles: DIY

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It’s spooky season and we are super excited to share our simple, yet still spooky reuse idea for Farm to Aromatherapy reed diffuser bottles! These DIY potion bottles can be added to your mantel, dining room table, or entry way décor to add the perfect spooky touch.

What You Will Need:

  1. Empty Farm to Aromatherapy reed diffuser bottles with the rubber stopper that came with them.
  2. Paint, glitter, printed labels, store bought stickers…pretty much, anything you want to decorate the bottles.

Step 1: Clean Your Reed Diffuser Bottles

Our Product Sustainability blog post has all the tips on cleaning the reed diffuser bottle for reuse. The amber color bottle with the black stopper makes this a versatile décor item; you might find your using these bottles again and again for all different kinds of seasonal and everyday décor.

Step 2: Get Creative

To decorate your potion bottles, you can create sticker labels like we have or buy sticker labels at a craft store. You could also paint directly on the bottles; it is completely up to you how you decorate.

Step 3: Add the Black Stopper

The final finishing touch will be to black stopper that comes with the reed diffuser to keep the essential oil infused fragrance sealed in the bottle before the customer is ready to use it.

Farm to Aromatherapy would love to see your interpretation of this craft! Tag us on Instagram or Twitter (@farm2aroma) or find us on Facebook. Happy Halloween!

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