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Building your aromatherapy collection should start with asking yourself “What atmosphere do I want to create in my space?” All of the Farm to Aromatherapy products have the benefits listed right on the packaging, so once you know the atmosphere you want to achieve, our products can guide you to the best aromatherapy products to achieve it.

Farm to Aromatherapy has a variety of products which allows you to change up your fragrance delivery system, so your space is always smelling how you want it. A reed diffuser creates a consistent base fragrance, while essential oil mist diffusers and wax melts are more customizable. Candles, incense and our room sprays are great for a quick change in the mood of a room.

Reed Diffuser: Base Fragrance

The base fragrance that you choose should reflect the main mood you are trying to set in your space. Our reed diffusers give long lasting, consistent fragrance.

If you’re setting up a relaxation zone, a Lavender, Eucalyptus, Relaxation, or Serenity reed diffuser would be your best choice. Eucalyptus and Lavender are classic spa fragrances.

A Focus reed diffuser will help keep you on track if you’re working from home. Keep this fragrance on your desk for the maximum aromatherapy benefit.

For a cheerful and energizing hang out space, go with a Lemon, Peppermint, or Refresh reed diffuser. These fragrances also have the added benefit of being able to combat mal-odors that might occur because of dirty laundry or garbage. 

EO Mist Diffuser & Wax Melts: Blendable Fragrance

An essential oil mist diffuser or a wax warmer is a great way to add hours of fragrance to a room. Farm to Aromatherapy’s 100% pure essential oils can be added to a mist diffuser on their own or blended with other oils to create different aromatherapy benefits to help you through your daily routine. Our wax melts can also be melted in the same wax warmer to blend the fragrances together.

Use Lemon, Peppermint, or Refresh essential oils or wax melts to get your day started off right. These essential oils will wake you up and make it easier to be present during morning activities.

Aromatherapy can help you stay on track during the day. Lemon, Peppermint, or Focus can keep you energized and focused while working from home. Keep your mist diffuser or your wax warmer on your desk for easy access.

Serenity, Lavender, and Relaxation may help you achieve deeper, more restful sleep. Diffuse essential oils or use your wax warmer about during your nighttime routine to help you wind down. If your mist diffuser or wax warmer is going to be a regular part of your nightly routine, your bedside table might be the best place to keep it. However, always remember to turn your mist diffuser and wax warmer off during the night, so it isn’t running while you sleep.

Our Essential Oil Care + Use blog post has more tips on caring for your mist diffuser.

Candle: Fragrance & Flame

Candles add fragrance and a soft glow to a room. The aromatherapy fragrance helps change the atmosphere, but the flame also changes how a room feels by changing the lighting.

When you need to feel a sense of calm, light a Lavender, Relaxation, or Serenity candle. Having the flame to focus on can drown out other distractions and help calm the mind.

To get yourself fully awake in the morning, light a Refresh, Focus, Lemon, or Peppermint candle. Sip your coffee while enjoying a refreshing fragrance and a soft morning glow.

Candles and bubble baths are a classic relaxation combination. Light a Lavender or a Eucalyptus candle to transform your bathroom into a spa.

Incense & Room Spray: Burst of Fragrance

Our incense and room sprays are great if you need a quick burst of  fragrance in a room to change the mood.

You can choose to go with a Lemon, Refresh, or Peppermint fragrance to diminish dirty dish, garbage, or dirty laundry odors. Having a fragrance on hand that combats mal-odors is great for confined spaces to keep them smelling fresh. Be sure that the room you are using these products in is well ventilated.

Lavender, Serenity, and Relaxation are also good to have on hand in case you don’t have time to run you mist diffuser before going to sleep. Simply use the Lavender, Serenity, or Relaxation room spray or incense to create a calming environment before getting in bed. Make sure you extinguish the incense before falling asleep.

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So, what atmosphere do you need to create in your space? Let us know on Instagram and Twitter @Farm2Aroma. You can also connect with us on Facebook.

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