Safety Tips for Burning Incense

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Farm to Aromatherapy’s essential oil infused incense sticks are a great way to change the mood in a room quickly. The activity of lighting your incense stick, setting your incense in the holder, and inhaling the beautiful aroma can reset your day. Below are some tips to help you stay safe while burning incense.


Where to Place your Incense

Always use an incense holder when burning incense. Incense gives off a lot of heat and it also drops ashes, so having an incense holder to catch the ashes and elevate the incense stick off of surfaces is very important.

Do not sit your incense on any surface where it could be easily knocked over or where ashes could be blown off the holder, such as, near an open window or fan.

Do not store unlit incense where pets or children can reach it.

Do not put lit incense in a room where pets and children have access.

Light your incense in a well ventilated room.


How to Light your Incense

To light your incense, use a candle flame. You could use our essential oil infused candle or you could use unscented candles like tealights. The candle flame allows you to have a consistent source to light your incense from without you holding a lighter or match.

Hold the coated end of the Farm to Aromatherapy incense stick in the flame and allow it to catch. Let the flame burn on the incense stick for a couple of seconds and then gently blow it out.

A properly burning incense will smolder, which is when it has a delicate stream of smoke from the lit end of the incense.

Once the incense is lit put it in your incense holder.


How to Extinguish your Incense

To extinguish your incense, place the smoldering tip of the incense in water or sand until it is fully extinguished. If you are done with the incense stick, run cold water over it for ten second to make sure it is no longer warm before placing it in the trash. Allow the ashes in your ash catcher to cool for an hour or two before placing them in the trash.

Always extinguish an incense stick before leaving a room or falling asleep.

If you follow these safety tips and all of the warning information, incense can be a wonderful addition to your self-care routine. You can purchase Farm to Aromatherapy incense on Amazon.

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