Plant Care Tips and Reusing Farm to Aromatherapy Packaging

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In our Product Sustainability blog post, we showed you how to clean out our candle jar for reuse as a planter, but one issue you might have with this container is that it doesn’t drain. Without a drainage hole in your planter, you can easily over-water your plant and cause root rot, which is something you don't want. In this blog post, we have tips to help your plant thrive in a container that doesn’t drain and a fun way to reuse Farm to Aromatherapy packaging.

How to Not Over-water

Over-watering is easy to do, but it is especially easy in a container that doesn’t have a drainage hole; the best way to avoid it is to get to know your plant. Cacti and other succulents thrive in dry soil. They only need to be watered when they start to wilt. Plants like the mint we have planted need to be watered more frequently. Twice a week check the soil to see if the top inch of soil is dry; if it is dry, water the plant.


How to Aerate the Soil

In addition to not over-watering, it is very important to aerate the soil. Outside this is generally done by earthworms, but indoor plants need us to aerate the soil so that roots stay healthy. Aerating the soil is done by taking a stick and poking small holes in the soil around the plant.

For the size of our candle container, the leftover reeds from the Farm to Aromatherapy reed diffuser work great for soil aeration. After you are done with your reed diffuser, soak the reeds in fresh water for 24 hours and then let them dry completely. Repeat soaking and drying the reads until the fragrance is completely gone; that way you know the essential oil infused fragrance oil is completely gone from the reeds.


How to Create a Plant Marker

We’ve panted mint (Fun Fact: this is the mint from our Propagation blog post), so we are going to use the back card of the Peppermint reed diffuser to create a plant marker. All you will need are scissors, the left over back card of the reed diffuser packaging, and glue.

We cut out the beautiful pattern to be our main piece of the marker and the word Mint instead of Peppermint to keep it smaller. You could cut out any shape you want for the marker. You could also laminate the marker to make it water proof.

Let us know what you think about these plant tips and reuse ideas in the comments. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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