Farm to Aroamtherapy Holiday Gift Guide

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The holiday season is here, and many of us will be gifting from a distance this year. But just because large family gatherings won’t be happening, doesn’t mean you can’t give wonderful and meaningful gifts. Farm to Aromatherapy products are available on Amazon for a convenient shopping experience and the gift of aromatherapy and self-care are extremely meaningful this holiday season. Here is a quick round up of gift ideas to get you started.

For your friend who started baking this year…

Do you know someone who took up baking and cooking as their quarantine hobby, but they don’t really like cleaning up afterward? Help them keep their kitchen smelling nice and fresh by gifting them one of our candles that was ranked #1 for candles for your kitchen by Ode Magazine!

For your loved one that added a four-legged friend to their household…

Do you know someone that adopted a pet during quarantine? Gift them Farm to Aromatherapy’s essential oil infused room mist to help with those pet odors.


For a teacher you know…

Tell a teacher you know “Thank You” with a beautiful candle and reed diffuser. The reed diffuser can be a nice addition to their desk, so they can enjoy aromatherapy during their busy day. The candle is to remind them to take time for themselves and relax.

For dad…

Remind dad to take time for himself by gifting him a Serenity or Relaxation candle. Dad might also like trying something new with Farm to Aromatherapy’s botanical wax melts.

For mom…

Your wonderful mother deserves and expertly curated at home spa kit. We suggest looking at our full line of products on Amazon. We have 100% pure essential oils plus essential oil infused candles, reed diffusers, room mists, incense, and wax melts.

Give your family and friends the gift of aromatherapy this holiday season! All Farm to Aromatherapy products can be found here! Happy shopping!


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