Essential Oil Care + Use

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  • Keep your essential oils away from direct light, heat, excessive humidity, or anywhere the temperature fluctuates drastically.
  • Do not leave bottles open for long periods of time because exposure to air/oxygen breaks them down and reduces potency.
  • Keep essential oils away from flames (candles, gas, etc.) – they are flammable.
  • Make sure your home/room has good ventilation.
  • Use caution when diffusing essential oils that might irritate mucous membranes or trigger asthma issues.


  • Only use a diffuser for about 30–45 minutes at a time.
  • Fill up the diffuser with water and turn on as directed. Please read the directions carefully.
  • Do not add carrier oils to your diffuser. Carrier oils may cause the diffuser to break.
  • Periodically clean your diffuser with soap and warm water to help it to work effectively and to prevent mold or bacteria from accumulating.
  • Do not leave a diffuser plugged in overnight.


  • Read about the benefits of the essential oil on our packaging and choose the one that has your desired benefit.
  • For great general blends with amazing fragrances, mix oils from the same fragrance group, such as woody, herbal, citrus, floral, or spicy.
  • Add slowly, just a few drops at a time to control the mix.
  • Mix oils in a clean glass bottle.
  • To test potency, drop a few drops of the blended oil onto a cotton ball and let it sit for a while; then sniff to discover how the blend smells after evaporation.

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